The minimum GPA requirement for admission is a 3.0. Our average admission profile for an incoming AuD student for Fall 2017 was a 3.63 GPA and a GRE score of 308. These are only averages, and we admit candidates above and below these values.

Prospective graduate students, including University of Utah seniors, apply for admission through the University of Utah "Apply Yourself" online application system.      

Application for admission includes:

  1. Please upload your transcripts to the online application. They must be legible and have the school’s name on them. COPIES OF TRANSCRIPTS ARE ACCEPTABLE.
  2. GRE scores: Send your GRE scores to the institution code 4853 for the University of Utah.
  3. Statement of purpose cover letter (i.e., why you want to be an audiologist) (1-2 pages)
  4. Provide a 2-5 page original writing sample. The writing sample can be an academic paper, however, it must be a clean copy and your own work, it cannot be a group project report.  Clinical reports are not acceptable.
  5. Three letters of recommendation. The Letter of Recommendation form is for current University of Utah students to submit to each faculty member for letters of recommendation. Please allow ample time for the faculty member to assist you with this part of the application process.

Our AuD degree program is approved for the Western Regional Graduate Program. This means if you are a resident of any one of 15 western states, you may enroll in the AuD program at the University of Utah at in-state/resident tuition rates. For more information see the WRGP website or contact us.

If English is not your native language, please arrange to take the Test of English as a Foregin Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) so that the scores are received by January 15th for Fall 2015. The University's requirements for the TOEFL is a minimum score of 80 on the internet-based test. The requirement for the IELTS is a score of 6.5.

We will weigh the entire application to determine the ability of the student to complete the program successfully.

Audiology applicant interviews will be held February 16, 2018.

Admission Information for students who do not have a Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate degree

Non-matriculated students are those graduate students that have been provisionally admitted with a Bachelors' Degree in something other than Communication Sciences and Disorders. Although an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders is not a prerequisite for admission into our graduate program, it is a preparatory program for the AuD degree. Thus, those who enter our AuD program from other professions are required to complete a series of prerequisite undergraduate classes.

NOTE: The CSD prerequisite requirements are mandated by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

For more information, please email Dr. Susan Naidu AuD Program Director at

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