Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

The Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism offers three emphases allowing students to choose the area of study that best fits their interests.


Master of Science

Students working toward a Master of Science in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism can pursue an academic track degree program or a professional track degree program. Within the academic track, students can select either a thesis or non-thesis option. The thesis option is designed for students who are interested in the scientific study of phenomena related to park, recreation, and tourism management. The non-thesis option is intended for students who are anticipating an administrative or professional position and who are interested in extending the scope and depth of their undergraduate studies.

Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism provides students with the opportunity for advanced study in preparation for a career working as a research scientist or policy analyst in a government agency, the private sector, or academia.

Minor in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

The Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Health offers an 18-hour Minor in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.


Sustainable Tourism Certificate

The Sustainable Tourism Certificate program enables students and participants to undergo a focused concentration within their major or professional position on international issues in ecotourism and sustainable tourism development and acquire a unique pedagogical opportunity in experiential, service, and theoretical learning.

Hospitality Operations Certificate

We also offer an 8-course Hospitality Operations Certificate program through the American Hotel and Lodging Association. These courses are available to students in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, as electives for students within another major at the University of Utah, or as non-credit courses for individuals who would like to take them for career development and certification.

Upon successful completion of the eight courses, students will receive the internationally recognized Hospitality Operations Certificate awarded by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Successful completion of each course will also earn you a Certificate of Completion from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

River Studies and Leadership Certificate

The River Studies and Leadership Certificate (RSLC) offers a foundation of knowledge, skills and experience in river-based science, policy, conservation, education, and recreation for undergraduate students who aspire to be a river professional.



Undergraduate Advising

Eric Gardner

Undergraduate Advisor

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Graduate Advising

Dr. Jim Sibthorp

Director of Graduate Studies

Phone: 801-581-5940

Online ST&HM Program

Preston Tanner

Online Program Coordinator

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