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“The University of Utah Sport Pedagogy Program has provided me with exceptional mentoring and many opportunities to conduct research and teach undergraduate classes.” – Graduate Student

Doctoral Program

Program Overview

The graduate program in Sport Pedagogy provides prospective candidates with knowledge and practical experiences in the field of physical education. The program is based on a foundation of core courses within a more traditional pedagogy model, e.g. curriculum design, supervision of student teachers, and analysis of teaching.

Graduate students in the Sport Pedagogy program will have opportunities to:

  • Work with faculty and fellow students in various research projects
  • Assist with the organization and teaching at schools of best practice
  • Teach, supervise, and coordinate the sport pedagogy after-school programs
  • Prepare for careers in college teaching
  • Develop the skills necessary to become an independent researcher
  • Assist faculty in community- based inquiry projects. Design, implement, and evaluate physical activity programs in a variety of settings.
  • Learn techniques of measuring physical activity and how to apply in a physical activity setting

Why Choose the U of U Sport Pedagogy Program?

  • Great mentoring
  • Research opportunities
  • Teaching opportunities
  • Journal/grant writing opportunities
  • Knowledgeable professors
  • Higher education teaching certification

Funding Opportunities

  • Bronson Pedagogy Fellowships
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  • Clinical Teaching Assistantships
  • Research Assistantships

Sample Courses

  • Analysis of Teaching PE & Activity
  • Physical Activity Interventions
  • Curriculum & Supervision in PE
  • Physical Activity Measurement

Sport Pedagogy Graduates

  • Phillip Scruggs, 2001 University of Idaho
  • Hyun-Ju Oh, 2008 Ohio University
  • Skip Williams, 2010 Illinois St. Univ.
  • Chad Smith, 2012 Weber State University
  • Dave Phillips, 2012 University of South Carolina
  • Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholar
  • UAHPERD Graduate Student of the Year
  • AAHPERD RC Graduate Student Research Award
  • AAHPERD RC Graduate Student Grant
  • Cooper Institute Grant

Teaching & Learning Gym

  • courtUsed for teaching and research activities
  • Sound system
  • Six retractable basketball hoops
  • Several large equipment closets


Approximately 12000 square feet of lab space is dedicated to the teaching and research for the sport pedagogy program.

Pedagogy Lab

  • Computer lab strictly for graduate students
  • Pedagogy library
  • Office space for doctoral students
  • The lab is equipped with
    • Flat screen televisions & DVD
    • 100+ Actigraph & Lifecorder Accelerometers
    • 80 Polar Heart Rate Monitors
    • 500 Digi-walker & New Lifestyles pedometers
    • POLAR Tri-Fit portable assessment unit
    • Digital video cameras
    • Computers with printer


“The program prepared me for a career as both a teacher educator and scholar” Graduate Student
“The faculty members are leaders and mentors who are structured and strategic in their approach to helping doctoral students to develop into future scholars” Recent Graduate

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