Thesis Curriculum (MS)

All MS students are initially accepted as non-thesis students. Those wishing to write a thesis are strongly encouraged to enroll in KINES 7102 as well as KINES 5830 their first semester. During your first semester you should connect with a mentor to begin the process of delineating a thesis topic. Once your mentor and topic have been determined and a timeline agreed upon your classification will be switched to thesis.

Students selecting the thesis option will be required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours. In addition, the student is required to secure a mentor, form an advisory committee, write a thesis proposal, successfully present their thesis proposal in Graduate Seminar, conduct their research, successfully orally defend the findings of their thesis to their advisory committee, and submit a final thesis document to the Graduate School and Department.

Please follow the process outlined below, relative to the Master’s thesis, to ensure a timely graduation.

  • At the beginning of second semester:
    • Student should have an advisory committee formed (mentor plus two members).
    • Student should be in communication with mentor regarding thesis topic.
  • During second semester
    • Student should be conversing with mentor and meeting with advisory committee.
    • Student should be writing a review of literature.
    • Student should be constructing their thesis proposal (chapters 1 and 3).
    • Plan of study and thesis direction should be formalized with advisory committee.
  • At the end of second semester or early third semester:
    • Student should present thesis proposal in Graduate Seminar.
    • Consider signing up for ESS 7850 (1 credit)
  • Year 2:
    • Thesis research should be conducted.
    • Chapters 4 and 5 should be written.
    • Thesis should be orally defended.
    • Thesis document should be finalized.

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