Graduate Program Overview

The graduate program in Kinesiology offers degree programs which emphasize research, scholarly activity, and practical application. Graduate training is supported by prominent faculty in specialized areas of expertise.

Areas of study

A student pursuing a MS degree can either pursue the non-thesis or thesis track. The non-thesis track is very practice/applied focused. The thesis track is research focused and suggested for those wishing to pursue a doctorate or a line of work that is laboratory or research focused.

A student pursuing a PhD has the option of a traditional dissertation (preceded by either a qualifying exam or a manuscript submitted for publication) or a three-study dissertation (preceded by a qualifying exam).

MS-thesis and PhD applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and communicate with potential faculty mentors before submitting their applications. It is highly desirable that a match exists between the research interests of a faculty member and the applicant. Thus applicants are advised to do a bit of homework relative to faculty interests and soul searching related to their own interests.

Please browse through the additional links provided to learn more about the various aspects of our graduate program, application procedures, application requirements, pre-requisite course requirements, and assistantship opportunities. The Department offers funding to students to teach or to do research. Applicants are encouraged to complete a teaching assistantship application form. Research assistantships are offered through individual faculty members with research grants. Inquiries about research assistantship opportunities should be made to individual members of the faculty who have research funding.

Please note that the Department only considers applications for admission into fall semester. Fall semester begins in August. 

Application Deadlines:

  • PhD Degree: January 15th
  • MS Degree: March 1st 

Thanks again for your interest in our graduate program.

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