Overview & Prerequisites


Welcome to the exercise physiology program at the University of Utah! We are interested in a broad range of physiological and health related outcomes associated with physical activity and the mechanisms by which these outcomes are achieved. We employ laboratory, clinical and epidemiologic approaches and actively collaborate with researchers from many basic and health science disciplines. Our research is funded by a variety of external (NIH, AHA, etc.) and internal (University, VA, etc.) mechanisms and is intertwined with student involvement in research and the incorporation of research into teaching and community engagement.

Many of our students receive funding to conduct their research, present reports at professional meetings and publish their work. We currently enroll 20 doctoral and 18 master’s students. At the master’s level there are thesis (research) and non-thesis (coaching wellness) options. Our curriculum includes basic science associated with human movement and the applied health-related aspects of physical activity. We invite you to contact any of the faculty listed in the exercise physiology program directory for additional information and encourage you to visit us on campus. We’re confident that you will enjoy learning more about our dynamic and diverse exercise physiology program and hope that you will seriously consider the University of Utah for your graduate study.


Required Undergraduate Courses

  • Exercise physiology (ESS 3091)
  • Kinesiology (ESS 3092)/Biomechanics (ESS 3093)
  • Human Anatomy (BIOL 2335)
  • Human Physiology (BIOL 2420)
  • College Algebra (MATH 1050)
  • Biochemistry

Recommended Undergraduate Courses

  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Motor Control
  • Aging and Exercise
  • Physics
  • Calculus
  • Cell Biology

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